Hands-on MSI SomeThings Panocam

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Apr 16, 2013
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One of sweetest things to me is to watch my small kids laughing. I do believe that my daughter is the loveliest girl at her age. She is just 3.5 year old, and any tiny thing may trigger her. She giggles, she laughs, and once she laughs, my 8-month son laughs, too.

These moments flash away. Ever since one day my colleague showed me his kids via a surveillance camera at home, I couldn?t stop thinking to have something similar (but better) so that I can see my kids even when I am away from home!

I have surveyed several brands but not yet made up my mind. Luckily, a friend of mine in MSI lent me their latest product?a panoramic wifi camera?MSI SomeThings Panocam.

After comparing many brands, I was so happy to have this one. Well, it is not like many other brands? camera which you may probably want to hide them from being seen?simply because their designs do not fit your home. This MSI SomeThings Panocam is really nice-looking and well finished.

You can view your camera in live mode via an iOS or an Android phone. Just download a free app called SomeThings.

You can choose whether to record and keep video files in the Panocam (on a micro SD card). If not, the live mode will always be there.

This is a 360? surveillance camera, meaning you do not need to worry too much about where to put the camera and adjust its angle. It has a 360? view range. You can zoom in/out, rotate, shift your view in SomeThings app. I just simply put it on top of a shelf on which I could get maximum view range.

Setting up the camera is amazingly easy. No need to go through lousy internet settings, no need to know anything about routers, IP address, firewall ports, DLNA. NO! Just do a few steps in your phone, and it will starts to work.

Here is a video that shows how to do an initial setup.


One funny feature is that you can make it a one-way phone. There is a TALK button in the SomeThings app, and when you speak to your phone, your kids, or pets, or family, on the other side will hear you in real time! This could be hilarious sometimes.

Ur? I have been cleaning my home recently, and it is still a mess now. So I will not put any photo of my camera screen here. Haha~

And here is an introductory video. There is a lady commanding her dog via the Panocam. ^_^