Hard Drive Transfer ?


New member
Nov 19, 2017
Hello, I have got a question for you all. Right now I own a MSI GE62 APACHE. Everytime after I shut down my laptop the laptop turns back on when I close the lid. From what I read it maybe a cable being pinched somewhere and my CD drive died a while ago. I sent the laptop in a long while ago to get the monitor hinge repaired but it fell off about a month after so I don't want to waste money again sending it to MSI for repairs. Because of this I am planning on buying a new laptop of the same model. What I want to know is, since it is a new laptop of the same model can I switch out the hard drive so I don't have to reinstall everything. I have the WINDOWS Operating CD as well as the System recovery CDs for the laptop model if I end up needing them in the future.