Hello, need some help.


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Apr 24, 2019
doea anyone have damaged Meg Z30 Ace mobo's board where the 1151 socket is like pristine condition. I'll pay reasonable for soemthng youur were just goint to through out....... I loved that board. i hit 5.2 on mine, lucky bin i guess. and an i9-9900 hasn't worn its say in the grapics communityi, either, and it still costs chit load.

At that is the mean of this post, My rysen 9500x was sold to me as open box, hindsight, should have looked. anyweays canada comuters sucks, been lookin all over N.A for some one whom can repin your amd cput. cool eh, he;s got the full set up. The companies name is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, meaning if you broke a pin on your appple phone, i ipad.....
just google the name small town, and you get small town ser
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