Help pls :(

Sep 18, 2020
This has been happening since wednesday, after turning it on in the morning my pc stays on a black screen with the debug led on, then it turns of and i stay on this screen for the last three days i was able to fix this by removing the cmos battery but it doesnt work now. Im not able to do anything on this screen not ipen bios or anything. Can someone help me please?
motherboard:msi z390A-pro


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Oct 12, 2016
You never have to remove the battery, because shorting the Clear CMOS pins with a screwdriver will have the same effect of resetting the BIOS settings to defaults. By the way, you should do this with the power completely off (flipping the switch on the back of the PSU, or pulling the PSU's power cable).

See p.35 of the English manual:

What do the EZ Debug LEDs show as the culprit? CPU, DRAM, VGA or BOOT?

Lastly, please edit your thread title to something like "Z390A-Pro & i5-9600K - Black screen during boot". If everyone just wrote "Help pls :(" as the title, this board would become unusable. Of course most people need help here, that's a given...