Help. What is Dragon center doing (in general)


New member
Jun 7, 2020
I have a Bravo 15 all AMD laptop. Dragon center doesn't have tuning/overclocking settings it has user scenario and game mode on/off etc

Question 1) what are these settings doing... changing brightness and over-writing windows power plan and slider OR something else?
Question 2) can I disable user scenario and let windows control it (or do I have to change both every time)
Question 3) DC live update gives the option to install 2 drivers with no names just online ver is higher than current ver. It also lists other drivers installed/not updatable. 3 of those the current ver. is higher or lower than the online ver. I scanned for virus with multiple programs, checked the driver ver that I could manually,

I read multiple dragon center manuals all look different than mine, but they all mention user scenarios non mention what the are doing or what it does to the power plan...


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