HELP!! X99A Godlike Carbon? Ram timings. Corsair Dominator Platinum


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Apr 2, 2017
Hey guys so I am pretty new to over clocking and was wondering if its me, if its my rig, my ram or something different. so I have a x99a godlike carbon v1.1 and an intel 6850k direct from intel thru Intel Retail Edge (per my novice trials the silicone seems to be top 8% [very rudimentary test but incase its helpful]) the Ram is CMT32GX4M4K3600C16 that I can only get to 2400 from 2133 XMP wont work tried some older vengeance 2x8 3600. my previous ram was g.skill tridentz 3200 4x8 that ram XMP and strangely enough all 8 together 8x8 ran... either XMP or presets to 3200 and 3600. I understand the corsair was running the timings of the g.skill and I really wish I would have written them down before giving them to a friend 400 miles away. he sent his timings and they didn't work either because of a different mobo or because his doesn't show as many timings.

I read somewhere that MSI's auto timings sucked and that could be the issues.

Also I have a 5930k without a mobo because Asus Rampage V was a horrible choice and I have given up ( with Asus as a whole) after 3 RMAs all blaming me for the worst $800 USD I have ever spent. are there any boards better than the Godlike I should look into and use the new with this set up andmove the Godlike to the old or buy a cheap board for the 5930k?

I really appreciate any and all help any further info needed just ask.



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Nov 20, 2012
All that aside....holy crap does it look like your video card is drooping a lot in that last picture.
You might want to put a support bracket under that thing before it rips the slot off.


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Oct 12, 2016
Well, the X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon came out in 2016, and the RAM came out in 2019, after the last beta BIOS update for the mainboard. So it's safe to say that it's not properly supported by the BIOS. You could basically get some older RAM so the board knows how to handle it.

Of course, you should also update your BIOS to that latest beta BIOS for the best possible RAM support: