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Nov 13, 2015
MSI MB BIOS Naming Rule and M-Flash Limitation
How to Find Current BIOS Version
→ Hit "DEL" during boot process to enter BIOS
→ Check upper right section in BIOS interface

MSI MB Retail BIOS Naming Rule

Ex. E7B50IMS.100 (1st release MP BIOS) -> E7B50IMS.111 (beta BIOS) -> E7B50IMS.112 (beta BIOS) -> E7B50IMS.110 (2nd release MP BIOS) -> E7B50IMS.121 (beta BIOS) ...
● Any BIOS version that ends with 0 = official release BIOS, release to MSI website
● Any BIOS version that does not end with 0 = beta release BIOS, not always release to MSI website
Beta release BIOS contains solution addressing specific issue or is for urgent BIOS release with critical update (ex. ME/AGESA code update/critical bug fix).

:shocking: My Downloaded BIOS is Not Showing Up in To-Be-MFLASH Menu :shocking:
Did you extract the BIOS file to the root folder of USB pen drive?
Did you download the correct BIOS?
a. Model number must be identical
- E7B50IMS.150 ---✖---> E7D05IMS.150
♟️You can't flash random BIOS to motherboard since it will definitely brick the motherboard
b. Main BIOS version must be identical
- E7B50IMS.150 ---✖---> E7B50IMS.260
♟️Multiple different model motherboard can share same model number, make sure you download proper BIOS from product page
c. Customer ID must be MS
- E7B58IMS.150 ---✖---> E7B58IKB.1K1
♟️MSI does not cover warranty for custom OEM BIOS, you need to contact the original system integrator that you bought your MB/Desktop from
MSI desktop system has its own special BIOS and it is not compatible with MSI channel motherboard BIOS