Hitman Absolution on PE62 7RD


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Feb 7, 2018
How is the game: Hitman is one of my favorite games. Each game of the hitman series is pretty good, but I like Absolution the most. It is an assassin game based on stealth. In this game, every mission have one or more tasks to complete and optional tasks, the player chooses how he does that. Many obstacles are in the way to the target. Here the player gets three choice- silently kill them, distract them somehow, or sneak past. In the game, you play as Agent 47, an agent from International Contract Agency (ICA). His handler Diana Burnwood guides him over radio. In Absolution, Diana betrayed the Agency by sabotaging their funding and database, using the subsequent confusion to vanish. After the ICA is reformed, 47 is tasked by his new handler, Benjamin Travis, a high level official within the ICA, to kill Diana for her betrayal and retrieve an important Agency asset, a teenage girl named Victoria, from her mansion in Chicago.

Graphics settings I play with: I play with everything on ultra and get around 60 fps. I play with VSync on.

Specifications of my PE62 7RD: 
CPU: Intel Core i7 7700HQ, base clock frequency- 2.80 GHz, boost clock frequency- 3.80 GHz
RAM: 16 GB, DDR4 @2400 MHz
GPU: GTX 1050, 4 GB, GDDR5
Display: FHD @60 Hz