Honest review of the Sekira 500x case


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Dec 16, 2021
This is the first time I buy a case without doing my research....and the last.

- Looks fantastic, it really does
- Lots of room for any motherboard and liquid cooling setup
- Did I mentioned it looks awesome ??

But unfortunately the pro's stop here

- No front airflow at all. There is no vents in front of the case ( or anywhere on the case really ). Just little holes on the side of the front panel and on the top on both side of the case. It's ok if you don't have a setup that generate heat but c'mon...At that price point if you buy this it's because you are building something with some power.

My setup is : Intel i9 12000k with a Lian Lee AIO 360 Cooler, Asus ROG Strix Z690-E mother board, Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080ti, 32GB GSKILL DDR5 @ 6000mhz....and a tiny Corsair power supply ( more in the cons later ).

Asus now just overclocks your cpu on first boot, works like a charm ( @ 5.2ghz ). BUT ...The new Intel processors generate heat, and lots of it. So much that the top fans literally start making a really loud noise because the shape of the fans changes because of the heat, it's insane. CPU was going up to the max tj at 100c, I mean really ?? The fans are not defect at all, I removed the front panel and now the temps are normal and the fans stooped making that creepy noise. This problem should not exist at this price point. So beware, if you have the latest version of the Intel processor, I would recommend to get something else that has better case cooling. Now I am stuck with a case that has no front panel...BTW, even with no overclock it still heats up pretty much, up to 90c. And yes, I did verify that my AIO cooler was properly installed. Another thing, if you install an AIO cooler, you will have to flip the top fans of the case. For some reason the fans are pulling air in but all AIO's push out. That causes a negative pressure problems and you are in for some major lava temps for your cpu.

- There is no place for a big power supply, I had to replace my Corsair 1000 watts for a small 850 watts. The way the case is built, you cannot fit anything in there (where the power supply is), or even just remove or add a power cable, you have to remove the power supply itself because you have no place at all. Connectors are facing the inside wall so it makes it impossible to do a quick add or remove. If you are a freak like me and do a good job on cable management, you are going to go insane.

I could exchange the case but after 12 hours of building and cable management, windows installation, apps and games, I don't think so. Ill just McGyver something in the front panel hoping that it won't look too redneck.