How do I go about getting my RGB lights to all match up?

Aug 17, 2020
Afternoon Guys,

I've recently built my next computer, all is well but one little niggle...
I can't seem to get the Case RGB Light and Supplied Case fan to match up with the Lights on the Motherboard, RAM, CPU Cooling Fan. The case comes with a little version of the Corsair IQUE, but a very stripped down simple version, that works off a button on the case. I got the Corsair RGB Lights in hopes of connecting them all to the IQUE, but the connections on the Case Light and Supplied Fan, differ to that of the Corsair Fans... so that screwed up that plan. MSI's Dragon Center has already paired up the CPU, Motherboard & RAM to all match up, its just annoying that the case light and Supplied fan won't match up.

Any one got any ideas on what I could do? (Aside from replace the supplied fan, but that doesn't help the integrated RGB Case light)

Build details below FYI
Any help is much appreciated, need any more info or images, let me know!


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Jan 25, 2007
The Corsair fans can only be controlled with their on software. No way to sync over the board you have.
The fan on the case (that by the surely does not come with corsair software) can be connected to a mainboard JRGB header for control