How do I know if I can boot the motherboard with a 14th gen intel cpu? What if it doesn't work?


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Nov 8, 2023

I am currently looking to order a MSI PRO B760-P DDR4 II to put a I5 14600KF in it, but I am not sure if it will come with a good bios version. The retailer can't tell me either...
So what will happen if I receive the motherboard with an old bios version? Will it boot at all? Are there DDR4 motherboards that are 100% compatibles with the 14th generation intel?

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No flashback button on that board, so you would need an older CPU to do the BIOS update.
It will not boot (most likely it will have BIOS 7E29v10 on there from factory), and since this board doesn't have the Flash BIOS Button feature, you would have to update by temporarily installing an already supported CPU (12th or 13th gen, can also be a cheap Celeron G6900 for example) in order to update the BIOS with. Also see here, except your support site would be this one,

The cheapest MSI DDR4 board that has the Flash BIOS Button (which prevents all this hassle) is the MSI PRO Z790-P WIFI DDR4, but i would recommend the PRO Z790-A WIFI DDR4 instead, as it has some other relevant component upgrades. However, they are quite a bit more expensive, so if you can get the BIOS flashed by the retailer for a small fee or something on the B760 board, that might be the better option for you.

Or you could get the 13600KF instead, the 14600KF only brings a 200 MHz bump in the turbo speed for just ~3% better performance, you won't ever feel that.