How it runs gtx 1070 msi armor at watch dogs 2


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Jan 3, 2017
Well its just fantastic on high preset graphics it reachs 80 fps and 60 fps all the time its just so good the temperatures stay normal and the pc is so quiet and cold , this video card do the work very well
at first i got problems on some parts of the map the fps drops were noticeable and the trees and foliage were just spawning at my face so i follow the performance test of nvidia surprisingly the reflections were the problem , this options drains all your fps in some parts and even more when its rainy and every car is reflected on the windows and water in the street ; talking about the game i was suprised about the UI is wonderful. You have so much information immediately available to you. Nudle Maps always has a mini-map in the lower left corner, giving you a good look at the area. Bringing up information on people gives you a crisp, clear window. Hacking offers a menu with easily recognizable icons, so you always know what your button presses will do. Your phone has all of the apps perfectly organized, so you can do what you need to. You can easily identify every objective or item in an area. It?s a well laid-out game. in my opinion is a well worth game but we all know its has some bugs some of them are not noticeable if you dont pay attention but others , its just very frustrating seeing the enemys go around you without even notice and look at them shoot at the sky seeing the bullets aiming for you but appart from that i didnt get a crash in my 32h played this game is bad optimised at some points far away from the city i got 70 fps in ultra but at the city it drops to 25-30fps thats why with this video card i recommend on high , the difference betwen the two quality are not even noticeable at 1080p and is not a problem od the graphic card in other similar games(gtav) i get around 80-70fps on ultra appart from that  ist a worth to play game in my opinion , i hope you guys find this little review useful and if not let me know why . thank you for your attettion