How to check CPU support

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Jan 25, 2007
Wanting to upgrade with a new cpu or running into troubles after having already upgraded frequently the question comes up if the new cpu is supported by the board used.

Before asking about that with a post you should for yourself by just going to your mainboard's product site at

There just choose your board's category (AMD or Intel Platform) and click on your board's socket and choose your mainboard:

Is your board already out of production and not mentioned you need to click Archive instead of Intel/AMD platform:

In the following pop-up just enter the name of your board, click "search" and you will be directed to the archived product site:

When you finally opened your board's product site click on "support" -> "cpu support" and all supported cpus will be listed as well as the bios version with which support for the cpu has been implemented

Is your new cpu not listed there it is not officially supported which could result in all kinds of problems from just not recognising the cpu's name string to not booting at all. Buying an unsupported cpu is therefor a gamble and not recommended.

If the new cpu is listed, you need to check if the bios installed on your board is supporting the cpu or you need to update. To figure out what bios version you have, >>use the MSI HQ Forum USB flasher<< if you want to upgrade a running system. After starting the MSI HQ Forum USB flasher it will automatically detect your board's current bios and save the details in a file on your desktop called MSIHQ_INFO.txt. There you can read up the exact bios version. Posting in a topic to get assistance you can quote this details to make it easier for others to help you

If you have just the board you can look for a tiny green sticker on the bios chip that has the version of the original bios it came with printed on it.

With new cpu generations coming up MSI usually creates microsites where you can lookup if your older board will support it.

Currently Intel platform users are wondering if their socket 1155 boards are supporting Ivy Bridge while AMD users want to know if their boards support AM3+ cpus (FX) or Vishera (2nd Generation FX). To answer if support is implemented or planned the following microsites can be checked:

>Socket 1155 supporting 22nm (Intel IVY BRIDGE)< 

>AM3+ (AMD FX multicore processors) support<

>Vishera (2nd gen AMD FX multicore processors) support<
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