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Jan 25, 2007
This is a community level support forum what means most of us active here (including moderators/admin) are just normal users like you. Although the community will help you with any question if possible there are problems we can't do anything about and you will have to contact MSI (e.g. to help with official technical information, rma or if you want to complain about a product and all other issues only contact with an MSI official is useful for). If you have been linked to this post other users already realised you need to contact MSI directly.

Global support:

For global support queries you have to register at After registering and logging in go to "My Support" and "Ask For Support" which allows you to issue your problem.

USA & Canada:

Technical Support -

Europe (including UK/Ireland)

RMA for MSI-systems (i.e. notebooks, netbooks, All-In-Ones, nettops, Wind-PCs, full systems) -

Components, such as for mainboards, VGA cards and multimedia peripheral devices should be returned to the place of purchase. There is no direct RMA to MSI available. The reseller will request RMA.

Support Germany -

Support France -

Where to Buy

Global Warranty Service for the Notebook

also via

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