How to control fan speed of laptop GT780


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Aug 18, 2011
Does anybody know how to control the fan speed of notebook GT780?

Goal is to make the fan blow more consistently at a somewhat slower fan speed (in stead of switch between full power blowing and completely turned off every few minutes as is the case right now)

Thank you!



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Oct 15, 2011
I have tried to do the same thing but i think due to the fact that it is a notebook the fan settings have been locked down to prevent any damage I.E. turning the fan down to low that it cause the GPU to overheat.

I have tried the following programs

MSI-> overclocking tool
Nvidia fan speed tool
Fanspeed tool

all of which are locked and all of which if the fan speed can be adjusted it has been.

The other thought i had was that perhaps there is a secondary power rail connected to the fan that is activated when the fan buttom is pressed and thus this causes the fan speed to be massively increased to the maxium speed. This would make sense as by this method you would have no way of conrolling the fan speed other than the effect of flipping a switch on or a switch off and not being the effect as to control a veriable resistor or the likes that is comonly used to control the speed of a fan on other GPU's

dont think this really helps but maybe some insight?