How to get DDR4-2666 256GB to work on a TRX40

Jul 30, 2022
I have a TRX40 Pro WiFi with a Threadripper 3960X. I got G. Skill F4-2666C19Q2-256GVK memory kit that I want to install. I can get 128GB to work but when I try to get to 256GB there are issues. First the BIOS sees all 8 sticks installed but will only show 131072MB with a voltage of 1.212V. Windows 11 Pro won't load at all. Can use the BIOS to go down from the 2666 speed to a lower speed to get all 256GB to register and allow Windows to boot?

This build is used for next generation sequencing data processing. There is also an Linux side as well for running specialized pipelines for our data processing.

Any suggestions on how I can get the 256GB to be recognized and functional or am I just stuck with running 128GB and having four back-up RAM?
Latest bios I suppose ? Which ram sticks ? Did you check for compatibility ? You might have issues managing all the ram with W11 indeed.. I would try W10 pro or corporate depending on your needs.. Is linux running fine and sees all the ram ? let's wait for further assistance.
Read the motherboard guide when installing 8x memory DIMM's. I would go trial and error mode being in your shoes.. remove 4 of the sticks and try to run both Os's with 128gB RAM only and go from there. Everywhere I have been reading about your board and cpu W11 support ain't mentioned so I would initially stick to W10 64bits. I would also try to boot from Linux first and you should be running latest Ubuntu 64bits distro according to MSI/AMD support.