How to MOTHERBOARDS PRO Z790-S WIFI Antenna Installation

Feb 12, 2024
I need help with antenna installation. I do not know about this. How and where should I install it?

The motherboard model I have is MOTHERBOARDS


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I believe your user guide illustrates how and where to install the WIFI antenna.
Installing the WiFi/ Bluetooth bracket & antenna 1. Use the screw to secure the WiFi/ Bluetooth bracket in the case bay. 2. Connect the antenna connectors of the bracket to the wireless module on themotherboard. 3. Screw the antennas tight to the antenna connectors of the bracket. And then orient the antennas for better signal. The WIFI module appears to be to the left of the coin cell battery in the MB photo.
Hope this helps.
Yeah, this board is just a shocking model from MSI. It's so low-end for a Z790 model, not only does it use the weird WiFi solution with the antenna bracket, it also uses the cheapest VRM solution (making it the only Z790 board not using Powerstages, only MOSFETs), and they even left out the crucial EZ Debug LEDs and Flash BIOS Button.

If we then consider that the MSI PRO Z790-P WIFI, which does all three things better already, costs less than 10 EUR/USD more (depending on where you live), this PRO Z790-S model should have never even made it onto the market.

Why do MSI add another board at the bottom of the Z790 range for 10 bucks less, when it means, losing the proper solutions as a result? That's like selling a car model without windscreen wipers for 100 bucks less. Only on this board, you can't add the features later.
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