How to register in under 100 hours - right - what is the real S/N


New member
Nov 21, 2020

Unboxed last night. Got locked out of registration for 24 hours because, with all the wonderfully confusing lack of viable info on what a MSI S/N for registration is. Like all normal people, when I got to S/N in registration, typed it in right off the box, like pretty much every prebuilt PC I've ever had (or BD player, TV...). I eventually get some sort of weird message about something being missing. Try it off the bottom of the laptop I'm USING to register, get locked out. The How To page makes, IMHO, ZERO sense. Now, some manufacturers would just have read this from something on the PC already, and registration would have taken about 2 minute, but no, MSI wants to make your first day with their nice new laptop a lot more memorable about how angry you get during registration.

So PLEASE, anyone know how to get this right? Maybe, if someone from MSI is paying attention, not only can I get that answer, but the How To page can be updated to match reality!