HWA Gaming, eSports Rising Star in Turkey


Global Moderator
Mar 26, 2014

1. Introduce HWA Gaming to us. Tell us where it all began. Who built this winning organization and how? How many players and teams do you have now?
Its origin comes from Call of Duty game since 2006. Our general manager, Sinan Yamu? established the organization and brings the success to us. Now we have players from 4 different games as Starcraft II, Hearthstone, League of Legends and Counter Strike GO (1.6). According to situations (tournaments) we can quickly team squads for other local games.

2. Tell us something about HWA Gaming that's not publicly known. Blood, sweat and tears behind your success.
I want to tell a memorable point that ?working hard brings the success? thesis is %110 true. Several years ago, our general manager, former call of duty player, instead of study his university final exams concentrated on game tactics all the nights by watching rivals? in game videos. After one week work load all nights, our team won an extraordinary game as 15-9 and 10-0 easily. We won the game but the GM failed in his exams. ? That is the spirit to win a simple game which also we expect from our gamers.

3. Any star player in HWA Gaming? What has been his most memorable moment of his competitive career so far? Any regrets?
We had many star gamers in our history. However, if we look at in the aspect of popularity, Ferit ?wtcN? Karakaya is the key player for us. The most memorable moment is the 1st national league of legends championship.

4. What?s the success-defining tournament for HWA Gaming? Tell us the whole story.
Of course the rank 1 is the success. Other than that is unacceptable for us. Our main goal is to dominate all eSport games in Turkey whatever it takes.

5. How does HWA Gaming continue to innovate in a constantly evolving, professional gaming scene? In the face of setbacks, how does HWA Gaming manage to boost morale and get players ready for the next challenge?
We try to keep the communication in top level with our players and response their requests quickly. Also not only game related but also life related help keep bonds in high level to boost morale.

6. Hi-Rez Studio?s third-person mythological MOBA SMITE recently announced its upcoming $600,000 World Championship. Have you signed up to compete at Qualifier events for the SMITE World Championship? If not, why?
We do not have smite team yet due to inactivity of this game in Turkey.

7. With more MOBA tournaments drawing worldwide attention, it seems like the world of eSports is really taking off. Is eSports a passing fad or is it here to stay? Would it become as popular as regular sports? What do you think?
We have been trying to work on eSports for 10 years in Turkey. Even these beautiful days are miracle for us. According to this momentum, I think it will stay more years with growing scene until Olympic games^^

8. This July, women are banned from a Hearthstone tournament. What do you think about gender segregation in eSports?
Well, it is a rare situation actually but there is not any chance to support this action from our aspect. We want more ladies on the stages!!

9. Of all MSI?s gaming devices, which ones do you like best and would like to recommend to other gamers?
Well GT notebooks are awesome and incredible. Words may not be enough for this experience. Ultra high performance with the stylish design that attract people. I have the GT60 and I can easily offer any other gamer to make gaming life easier.