I can't boot the iso file kdr.iso. (Kaspersky)


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Feb 14, 2018
Hello everyone,
I live in Belgium en i 've a question.
I've never seen anything like this. For years I have had no problems starting from a CD or DVD or USB key on which an iso file is located.
For the UEFI firmware, you had the option to enter the BIOS with the "DEL" key pressed during startup. There was only one choice and this was the BIOS version with its settings. Now there are three ways to boot in the UEFI-BIOS. Legacy, UEFI, UEFI with CSM. Then there are the options to start with BBS with Priorities. Not that I know what they mean by that. It's become a cauldron. I've tried all the possibilities, with the secure boot control "ON" and secure boot control "OFF" See the attachments. I made a USB key (32 GB) with Rufus.
But after i saved the options 5 in the boot order for the usb key and the security disabled, the laptop still didn't start up from the usb key with iso file. I'm assuming the rufus iso file is fine. It contains 11 files needed to create the iso file kdr.iso for the kaspersky security recovery usb key.
So, with a clear schedule or explanation, is any of you able to indicate the correct sequence of actions needed to start from a USB key with an iso file created with the Rufus tool without any problems?

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