I can't send a Web Ticket because website is not working properly


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Feb 4, 2023
I had a problem with my motherboard, tried to open a ticket on your the website but when I try send the ticket, the site don't send it.

After fulfill the form, i click on send button, it shows a loading notification, then reloads the page and there is no notification that the ticket was sent. The ticket history page (https://account.msi.com/services/tickets/tickets-history?1) is empty too, proving that the ticket wasn't sent.

I tried to send using Edge, Chrome and with chrome mobile and had the same problem...

page that is not working properly: https://account.msi.com/services/tickets/inquiry

Tried more than once, in different days and still doesn't work. And don't work even when not using VPN.

I can't solve my problem because in Brazil the only contact you accept is the ticket, there is no live chat available, and there is no email that i can contact you.


The forums infamous moderator
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Nov 20, 2012
Sadly, there just isn't anything we can do here. Literally, even the moderators, are just users like you.
And sadly, yes, we understand the website is pretty much junk. I can't tell you how often I even come to the forums, and find that pages won't load, posts won't post, etc.....
All I can really suggest is keep trying at different times, copy/paste the info into notepad or something and hold onto it, and hopefully it'll work one of these times. :/