I think my graphics card has been stolen.

Jan 21, 2021
Hi. So I think my laptops graphics card has been stolen. Does anyone have an image for the Nvidia quadro RTX 3000 graphics card that comes inside the ws75 with Xeon board? I left my house for 45 mins. And when I came back my laptop was disconnected from the wifi. I tried everything to get it connected again. And it wouldnt connect. My phone and TV both were working fine so I new it was the laptop. So I reset it and now it was telling me the password and my finger print are no longer saved in the system and I need to set up my pin again. But the damn thing still WONT connect to the internet not even when it is plugged in to the router. So I opened it up because I was going to reset the bios. Manually. (Oh yeah I forgot to mention the screen has been broken on it. So I only use it hooked up though a HDMI cable. And I tried the whole turning it on and pressing f3 thing and just watching what steps to take i followed the videos on youtube. I know I got to the 4th or 5th step in the process once your on the resetting the bios page. But without being able to see what was going on i never got it to work so that is why I went in to do a manual reset) so yeah I went in to do a manual reset. And ive seen graphics cards before my laptop doesnt have one. Now this was the only reason Ive had to get into my case sense I bought the thing. And I had just downloaded adobe creative cloud 2 days prior to this. And I know I have/had a graphics card in there while using Adobe those 2 days just before I started having issues. But now without being able to get into the laptop and after opening it up. I think spmeone came into my house and opened it up. Took the graphics card. Replaced it with a simple Intel graphics chip. And put it all back together then dipped out. But everyone is calling me crazy. So ive looked everywhere for an image of the graphics card that comes inside of the ws75 with Xeon board. One just looked like a chip. One was way too long one fit the shape of the empty spot i now have where it looks like it used to go. And theres an open port where I would assume a graphics card should be. But all that's there is a basic Intel graphics chip. With 2 USB ports and an SD card slip. So can someone help me out. Im ok with tech stuff but I wouldn't even call myself experienced I just know how to do basic s***. I can replace phone screens and replace Hardware but I don't know anything else really.


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Feb 11, 2012
the Graphics chip if you flip the laptop over and remove the bottom lift the huge black cover to expose the heat pipes underneath it sits under the large metal plate on the left (by the 1 Fans on one side) as that is connected to the GPU and RAM Chips. I highly doubt its been stolen as if I remember correctly its hard Soldered to the PCB so unless someone came de-soldered the GPU off your board and fully reassembled it in 45 mins you where away I highly doubt its gone its probably faulty and has broken and needs to be sent for service