I was fed up of my lottery fail on a 12600K, and just got a 13600KF ...


Feb 29, 2016
I was using a 12600K on an asrock m-itx z690 that could only run 3800 G1 on my ballistix max 4400 ram which I bought on sale back when DDR5 launched.

Firstly I purchased a MAG tomahawk Z790 D4 and ATX case, then a 13600KF.

Somehow I got a golden IMC this time and 4300CL14:


CPU wise my 12600K needed 1.38v for 5.1 all core (which I didn't run, 5.0 at 1.29 for daily), the 13600KF does 5.1 all core stock at 1.25v (after changing lite load from 12 to 1, like wth is that setting and why does default bios pump 1.375v into my lovely new chip?).

Not really interested in OCing the CPU, just wanted to use the ram I paid for properly.

Its also my first time in a long time going back to a 4 dimm slot board, but for DDR4 G1 speeds that doesnt really matter.

It also runs at 5100 CL17 in G2 on this board, just don't ask me about my ram voltages.
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I got around to OCing the CPU, clocks are done and stability testing currently, will add results soon.

One thing I tried was to run my CPU at stock bios. I'm using an Arctic Freezer II 420mm AIO which I believe is the best boxed cooler on the market? And an open frame case.

So the stock 1.375v ... turns out thats only the IDLE voltage, in cinebench it went up to 1.409v, and I hit 100c in under a minute!

I tested leaving the lite load on auto and using the 'boxed cooler' 181w power limits, the max voltage didn't change, still 1.409, instead it throttled all the way down to 4.8 Ghz and 1.25v.

Initial manual voltages, with 1.25v I can run 13700K boost clock of 5.4 on all cores, so there is definitely something wrong with the default lite load, when setting it to manual the default values are 110 in both AC_LL and DC_LL. I've tried forwarding this info to Intel support and after a bit of persuasion they told me they will look into it.
So I bricked windows yesterday from running the cache too high on top of the memory OC while doing loads of cinebench runs to find my max game stable clocks, this is with HT off:


Reinstalled windows this morning, retested, with the ram OC can only run 4800 ring. With lower ram OC can run 5000 ring, but I'd rather have 4300CL14 G1.

With HT on I can run 5.4 all core 1.25 at <80c temps, or 55-56 across the P cores at 1.32v but temps go up to 98c with Arctic 420mm AIO and open frame case.

HT off 1.33v & 1.3v L2 - 5.8 / 5.7 / 5.7 / 5.6 / 5,6 / 5,6 / 4.5 ecores and under 90c on the hottest cores, but I haven't installed a contact frame yet as I might have to RMA the board as the LAN port doesn't seem to work.

As 13700K / 13600K are binned and use chips that fail 13900K spec, none of my cores can do 5.8 with HT on, nor go past 5.4 with HT on at low enough voltage for decent temps, so HT off for much higher clocks at sub 90 temps is working better for me.

One unspoken huge benefit to e cores - turn HT off, reduce P core temps by 15c.