IIS Manager but no modules on MSI Aegis R 12TG-277US

Jul 3, 2022
I bought this PC at Microcenter in July and it has Windows 11. It just updated to 22 h2. A week or so I go to use localhost and I get the "localhost refused to connect" message and have been stumped every since. In turn windows features on, under Internet Information Services, and World Wide Web Services, all is checked. Under HTTP Activation, which seems to be needed to be checked, if I attempt to check that box and select ok, then you get a message that "Windows couldn't complete the requested changes", catastrophic failure, Error Code 0X8000FFFF.

The IIS (Internet Information Services) manager comes up and is totally without ANY modules, and it does not give me anyway to add any modules there.

Have had initial Microsoft Windows support get on my system, and came back and said they had to get the business systems department to call. But they did not call. Without some help, I can't get localhost to work. I could install Apache, and I know how to do all that. I would hate to do that though, and the thing still not work. So, what is up with this?


Apr 9, 2020
Try to disable Memory Integrity in Windows Core Isolation, it seems to be causing some problem to 2H2.
Also try disable Windows Firewall and check if it's related.
Probably try to restore the operating system to default by F3 Recovery or Windows Recovery.