Incompatibility: MSI 6337 (ver 3) i815EP Pro-R & Abit Siluro GF4 MX Pr



I have a MSI 6337 (ver 3) i815EP Pro-R mainboard and an Intel PIII @ 866 MHz CPU. I have tried to install a GeForce 4 MX 460 Video Card (Abit Siluro GF4 MX Pro) using the AGP slot.

The problem is that the system has random booting problems, meaning that:
- 1 out of 10 is booting correctly;
- 4 out of 10 the image displayed is incorrect (the image has spots of colors, red rectangles are displayed all over the screen, the writing is unrecognizable and in Windows (I tried 98 and XP) the video card is not recognized by the system).
- 5 out of 10 the system is not booting at all.

The video card vendor suggested that the only solution is a motherboard+CPU upgrade. Any other suggestion?

Well, the CPU is an Intel PIII @ 866 MHz. The previous video card was a Riva TNT2 M64/16MB from Creative. This card is still working properly. The new card also works fine, but the trouble is to get a successful boot.

And something else: the Siluro Video card has a Video IN, but under Windows no video capture device is found. Can anyone please tell me how to enable the Video IN?

I think you may need a Bios update for the MoBo. There are three updates there for you. That or buy a new board :( (Still I bet you want to get the most out of the board before this)
Could try lowering Bios settings. Aparature size, fastwrites off, even FSB (if above norm), ram cas3 etc

As I have no experience with MSI boards somebody else may have a better answer on the other forum for retired PIII.

As for the PSU. That would have to be the bare min.
Have you tried with all main hardware unplugged(cd's, NIC etc, usb). Again, someone on the other forum would help you out with this.

For the video in have you installed the WDM drivers.

Good luck
I think I will try a BIOS update. I have tried already with the Default BIOS Settings and no overcloking, but no luck.

Regarding the VIDEO IN: I tried Windows 98 SE and Windows XP Pro, but for installing the WDM drivers shouldn't be a hardware detected first?

I must say that I tried add new hardware, but nothing happend.

All I found related to video capture is (Win XP) under Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices/Hardware/Legacy Video Capture Devices. But, unfortunately, no device ;( . This is where I suspected something wrong with the Video Card Video IN. Any idea?
I thought the same thing about the Video in being a new hardware device. Not the case, so we need a driver to control the chip on the Card.
I checked Abit and they had nothing about this, so I presume seeing as you have an Nvidia chipset, that you can use the WDM driver. Or what is bundled with your software.

What is shown in your control panel sounds about right though. Just try your Ulead VideoStudion video capture to see if it works.

You can try the other forum before the MoBo bios flash, just to be sure.
But if your careful, it shouldn't be a problem. Just follow instruction
I tried Ulead and the video capture software from ABIT also. The result was the same: no video capture device. I tried again with the VCR ON and the cables connected as described in the manual. Nothing. The TV Out is working thou, which makes me think that the drivers are installed correctly.

At this moment, I ran out of ideas :( . I bought the video card especially for the Video In feature. This is getting worse and worse. Anyway, thanks for the help.
try the WDM drivers from Nvidia
and the det 21.83 drivers from guru3d
then work up from there for the Video in.

Hope you get an answer from the other forum..
Hi everybody!

I finally found out that the cause of the problem is the PCI Genius Sound Maker Live that I had installed in slot 5. Removing this board solves the problem, the system is booting and restaring normally.

Installing the sound board in slot 6 (nearest to the AGP): worse results.
Installing the sound board in slot 1 (furthest to the AGP): best results, boot OK but the system is still not booting when restarting from Windows.

Now I am using the onboard sound and have no problem. Any idea how can I make the sound card work with the video card?

My PSU has 235W.