Insufficient Graphics Card Brace – System Failure


New member
Jun 5, 2017
Just got a new MSI Aegis 10TE-058US Gaming Computer, which I haven’t registered yet. The computer itself is awesome. Unfortunately, the graphics card brace provided is insufficient for the G-Force 3080 graphic card. The brace appears snug against the graphics card at the back of the case, but provides NO support at the far end of the card where support is needed most.

As a consequence, when using the computer with the case in its normal upright position, the graphic card failed after about 10 hours of use with a VGA error light on the motherboard and all video, keyboard and mouse functionality lost. Verified that the video card and connections were seated snugly. Restarting the computer and worked for only a few minutes before failing again. Now the computer will NOT even boot up with an immediate VGA error light on the motherboard. Interestingly, the computer appears to run fine if you set the case on its side, which is not optimal – at least so far. Trying to decide whether to invest in a better graphics card brace (more money), which only might resolve the problem or just send the computer back.

It would appear that MSI needs to provide a better graphics card brace for this computer.