Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (12) I219-V, This device cannot start. (Code 10)


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Mar 27, 2021
I am having a problem where my ethernet driver isn't working
I have tried reinstalling the driver by deleting it and restarting my pc, downloading driver from both msi site (I can't install the one from msi site because it said that network adapters are not detected or something) and intel site, and even reinstalled my windows, but none of them fixed this.

here are my specs
Motherboard : H410M PRO VH (MS-7C89)
Processor : Intel I5 10400f
Graphic : RX 550
Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 OS Build 19042.867
Click Bios 5 ver E7C891MS.180
Then you have some different issue, open new own topic in correct area for troubleshooting.
I have a problem with the network card in the MSI B550-A Pro motherboard. My internet crashes and it writes error code 10 in the device manager. I tried to reinstall Windows and tested the network card with different drivers, but to no avail and my internet still crashes. This is not a problem with your ISP, modem or Ethernet cable.
I'm having the following issue with my new Tomahawk B650 Wifi:
The ethernet cable is plugged in, but no lights flicker on the port. The ethernet adapter does get recognized by the device manager and I have installed the newest drivers, but my PC just can't establish an ethernet connection. The cable worked fine with my old PC. No idea what the issue is here. Any help?
Little help hear also please.., Installed a new MB B650 Carbon Wifi (no ethernet showing), I probably need the same help as i have no internet settings other than Wifi?(GREAT PRODUCT btw... and thanks.... its a real nice upgrade... along with my Ryzen 9 processor(ahh well.. i know its overkill putting a Ryzen 9 in a PC when it really should be used for severs, but it was there... and i had a "SLIGHT" drool happening when i stared at what it can do...) I did Update this bios... but it didn't have it when installed?