Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (12) I219-V, This device cannot start. (Code 10)


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Mar 27, 2021
I am having a problem where my ethernet driver isn't working
I have tried reinstalling the driver by deleting it and restarting my pc, downloading driver from both msi site (I can't install the one from msi site because it said that network adapters are not detected or something) and intel site, and even reinstalled my windows, but none of them fixed this.

here are my specs
Motherboard : H410M PRO VH (MS-7C89)
Processor : Intel I5 10400f
Graphic : RX 550
Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 OS Build 19042.867
Click Bios 5 ver E7C891MS.180
Hi @Svet ,i have same problem ,so when i flash with lastest bios of my motherboard ms-7b05 (x299 tomawhak) ethernet port doesnt work,the error is : intel ethernet connection (2) I219-V impossible start device (code 10) , i try reinstall windows but nothing ,try to flash with old bios but nothing too
Try reflash the BIOS with M-Flash,
then retry again with steps, if problem persist RMA the board to get it fixed.

Hi!! i have also problem with my intel(r) ethernet connection (7) i219-v i have tried everything !!! Please help


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Hi @Svet,
i have the same problem as all the others. When i flash my motherboard with lastest bios the ethernet port work for let`s call it this session. But when i restart or shut down and start later again i get the error: intel ethernet connection (2) I219-V impossible start device (code 10). Could you please help me?
I have recently had this issue myself, I just received the motherboard out of the box and am doing everything in my power to uninstall, reinstall, and do everything just to get my internet working on my computer. @Svet