Is anyone running a B450 Pro Carbon AC (non max) with a 5600X?


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Dec 17, 2018
Wanting to install my old 5600X into my son's B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC but am a bit dubious after doing a search on this forum...haven't seen a positive post yet.
The compatibility list shows the CPU in there, but the BIOS specified (7B85v1G) makes no mention of upgrading the mobo to support Gen 3?

You'd think there would mention of it:
- Update to AGESA ComboAm4v2PI
- Change the default setting of Secure Boot.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Oct 12, 2016
AGESA / ComboAm4v2PI, that's the so-called microcode for CPU support (and CPU code bugfixes) from AMD. It is loaded by the BIOS during early boot and makes sure the CPU can run in the board. So with those updates they also add support for new CPUs. The newest for AM4 is, usually you want to use that.

By the way, don't be surprised if the BIOS looks more text-based with the new version, because in your board, MSI changed it to a GSE-Lite mode from BIOS 7B85v17 onwards. They had to do that due to the BIOS chip only being 128 MBit (= 16 MB) instead of 256 MBit (= 32 MB) in size, in order to save space and add support for newer CPU models. The later MAX models had a bigger BIOS chip to avoid that. I have explained the reason here further. Support for each new line of CPU models adds about 2-3 MB worth of new microcode in the BIOS.

Long story short, whenever you see AGESA, it has support in the BIOS for the newest AM4 CPUs. Update to that before installing the 5000-series CPU.