Issues with the MSI Reward Program


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Aug 12, 2018

The Issue I struggle with :

It seems there is a huge issue with the system of points given by the Daily Connexion.
A few months earlier, I discovered the reward system and some days I saw the point granted by the daily connexion was not working.
So I decided to add the URL link as the opening/home page of the broswer, and according to the Activity History it was working.
Few weeks earlier, I discovered that sometimes, 2 or 3 or 4 points were registred sometimes. I guess this happens because some days I fully close my browser and hours later I relaunch it.
Thus, I tried to search a way to warn the MSI Staff directly through the account section (in order not to give ideas to malicious people) named "SUPPORT > ASK HELP"... but there is no Categories corresponding to the Msi Account or Reward Program. So I gave up until now.
Today, when I opened my browser, I saw a message saying my "Your MSI ACCOUNT or IP ADRESS has been locked as we've detected suspicious activity. It seems that someone tried to use your account for fraudulent purposes". I guessed it was connected to what I described above. Impossible to connect on my web account with my current IP, so I tried another IP to confirm what was happening.
Consequently, from now on I am pushed to talk about it on the public forum. About my browser, it is Firefox 64bits (last version) and it works with multiples addon such as Ghostery, Ublock and IDon'tCareAboutCookies (maybe it is due to one of them or the properties of firefox, even if I am not a pro understanding everything these functions trully do).

A Solution ?
What I am not understanding is why YOU do not use a simple button (the user has to click on) for the Daily Connexion, as in the section called Earned Points where we can receive special points (from a survey, social network, birthday bonus etc). It would solve any unfair ban... For instance, the Xiaomi reward program works with a button and there is never a glitch.
Furthermore, it would be very welcome to add a category to talk about website issues...

Any Ideas
Does someone know if someone of the Msi Staff read this forum or we are only between users ? Do you know what is exactly going on ? Have you experienced something similar ? How can we correct the IP address block imposed ?

PS : Thanks for your attention and may it fixes this unfair and unclear system.
PPS : I had like around 600 points this summer, and now around 800. I never exchanged them against discount voucher, only few times against contest tickets (to undestand how it was working, even if I am not sure what we do with this ticket). So to be clear, I have not exploited the glitced additionnal points.
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Nov 4, 2009
NO MSI staff does not read this forum.

I just click the MSI logo on the top when I am done reading the forums, take that to the main page, scroll down hit the rewards program link and it takes me right to the rewards page. It autologs me in after a few seconds and my daily visit point is there.