Japan's eSports Star DeToNator Set to Shine on World Stage


Global Moderator
Mar 26, 2014
1.What was the original intention when Detonator gaming team setting up? Would you please introduce the main organization and team members to us?
We were sincerely building one Japanese professional gaming team that can be active on the world stage. DeToNator was formed by four Departments : Alliance of Valiant Arms Department, Dota2 Department, League of Legends Department and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Department.

The Banner of the Facebook

2.In 2014?s eSport tournaments, can you share the most memorable or impressed one with us?
Alliance of Valiant Arms got the 1st runner-up in the international competition held in Taiwan. In the beginning, seeing victory is at hand, but one short remove from victory in the end. Although it?s a pity, this was our honor to stand on the highest gaming stage to enter a contest.

The Photo of 2014 AIC

3.How did MSI influence and help your team during the cooperation with MSI? Can you share your experience about using MSI gaming products?
MSI products are the most important partners to DeToNator. We always practice and participate in the competitions under serviceability limit state of the products. They are really indispensable to our activities.

4.How to strike a balance between the eSport training and the daily life? What will the team members do for recreation in your leisure time?
Our team members try to allocate work and school learning life equally in order to strike a balance. We spend much time to stay together in our leisure time.

5.How to develop team chemistry? How to arrange the eSport team training schedule?
Through our daily training, the team members can strengthen our cohesion and develop mutual trust. We usually practice 3~5 hours a day.

6.How to interact with the fans? How to manage a mutual trust relationship with fans?
Most of the time,.DeToNator interacts with fans through sponsor activities or release information on our Facebook. We will hold a fan meeting once a year to communicate better with our fans.

DeToNator?s Fan Meeting held in March, 2014

7.As a professional eSport gamer, how to retain highly enthusiasm in eSport tournament? In the face of frustration, how to change a negative mood to greet the next competition?
We often imagine ourselves compete with international gamers to maintain high enthusiasm. We will not run out of steam because setting up a higher goal. To keep a firm belief is a key point when attending the tournaments.

8.Which tournament or activity you are particularly looking forward in 2015? Do you have any goal to achieve this year?
The wish of Alliance of Valiant Arms Department is to be the World-number-one. The global target of DOTA2 Department, League of Legend Department and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Department is to attend the worldwide tournaments aggressively from now on and let everyone know DeToNator?s existence.

9.Do you have any suggestion about the current eSport development in Japan?
In 2015, DeToNator?s subject is to take Japan out to the world. In order to achieve this great goal, we endeavor to practice hard every day. Hope everybody can see our great fighting performance earlier on the world stage.

Alliance of Valiant Arms Department

DOTA2 Department