Just got your Claw? A few tips to get you started


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Oct 20, 2016
If you've just got your first Claw (or about to get one), here are a few things to help you get started.
Since this is no Switch, it takes a bit of setting up for the first time, and a few quirks to watch out for.

*This thread will be constantly updated with new resources*

1st time setup video
Entire tutorial playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTPGJNsY3U4zbj0pAYDti1pNvPoE4XA8-&si=YKK1KFU9J6wbY9L5

Windows Out of Box Experience (OOBE) setup guide

Digital Guidebook - The Claw Walkthrough

Some FAQ collected from the community:

Q: On-screen keyboard doesn't show up when needed.

A: Usually the virtual keyboard will pop up automatically when you tap/double-tap the text column. If not, there are a few fixes:
If this happens during your 1st boot up setting process, this is a common phenomonen in some windows devices, and will easily be solved with a force reboot (hold power button). It should work flawlessly since.
Once you've passed the 1st boot up, you'll also be able to activate the virtual keyboard anytime with the "Quick Settings". (second button on the right of the display)

Q: Joystics and Buttons not working properly in games or in Windows desktop.
A: Joysticks and buttons have two modes: Desktop Mode and Console Mode, representing different inputs under different circumstances.
e.g. "A" button is "A" in games but represents a mouse left click in desktop.
In most cases, the device will switch automatically (with an OSD indication) depending on what you run, but there can always be exceptions.
You can manally toggle through "Quick Settings" via the second button on the right of the display, or through combo key (if enabled).
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Hi can check if claw can play mobile legend and Warcraft?
It is Windows 11 so you would need to check with Amazon Gaming
Yes, you can install Android apps on Windows 11. Android apps are supported on Windows 11 via the Amazon Appstore. In order to install Android apps on Windows 11, you'll need to have at least three things: the Windows Subsystem for Android, the Amazon Appstore app, and an Amazon account.