K7n420 / FX5200 VTD128 War Story 047



Hello, :bonk:

I would just like to post the solution to my latest system headache. ( incase anyone has something similar happening to them ).

Around the beginning of the year I purchased the MSI Geforce FX5200 VTD128 ($90 then) for my aging K7n420 Pro system. The first thing I noticed when I installed the device was that Windows Server 2003 decided to shut down the hardware acceleration automatically - that was easy to fix. ( Display -> Settings - > Advanced -> Troubleshoot )

Everything was running fine until I decided to iron out a few crashes I was getting here and there by upgrade the VGA drivers to the new ones ( 53.03 at the time ). Everything got messed up after that. The AGP textures in DirectX was disabled, the VIVO (WDM) drivers were out of wack and yellows appeared allover the device manager.

The first thing I tried was to uninstall the drivers for the VGA and WDM but Windows kept on reinstalling either new or old NVIDIA drivers where ever it wanted. So I Rolled back the VGA driver until I got a Standard display driver. I then Installed the VGA driver that came with the Video Card (45.33), restarted, and put the WDM drivers on. Things seemed ok at first but ultimately no go. There was slow downs and the VIVO didnt work right and the crashes were still there. The problem was that the BSOD's were giving diferent errors each time (go figure). So I did a little research and found out how to stop pesky Windows from automatically installing new drivers for you. Here's how:

Export the Device Path value in
entVersion for backup purposes.
Now delete the Device Path data (all the locations entered).
XP should not be able to auto-install drivers without you manually pointing to them.

Got that from somebody ( I wish I saved his/her name to give them credit ) on a forum somewhere.


I uninstalled ( through Add/Remove Progs ) All NVIDIA drivers including the Nforce ones. Once I did that I ran a program called Nasty File Remover (NFR - http://rudz.frac.dk) by Rudy Alex Kohn - Freeware. The program locates NVIDIA files in your Windows directories and allows you to remove them.

Now that I got 99% of NVIDIA out I downloaded: (actually I did this before I removed the LAN drivers)

NVIDIA unified drivers (3.13)- chopped the Display folder out so that it would ot install that VGA Driver
NVIDIA Forceware 53.03.

And that was the order in which I installed them. I also had to delete the file 'msicpl.dll' in the Windows\System dir to get rid of the MSI control pannel in display settings. ( I think that was causing some problems also ). Everything worked ok ran some benchmarks Sandra, 3dmark03, 3dmark2001 SE got some ok scores. I thought everything was fine until a played some games for a while. The crashes were still there.

Alright now I thought I had some bad Memory or bad Power Supply. I picked at some stuff and decided to see what drivers were digitally signed and what were not ( Start -> Run -> sigverif ). About seven actually came up not signed. I was looking for Vga stuff but stumbled upon a service which was unning 'asapiw2k.sys'. I had a Stop error that mentioned something resembling CD-ROM error or Filesystem error. So I looked it up and turned out it was a DVD service from a piece of software -Pinnacle studio Liquid. I don't have a DVD drive so perhaps that was causing the error. IT WAS. Once I uninstalled the program and all of its services/parts things got good. The system is stable and I played a game for 5 hours and no crashes.

Just goes to show that sometimes it can be the small things. One thing I learned out of the experience was how to install the drivers clean without windows intefering.
Thanks for reading and I hope this post helps out a little.

MSI K7n420 Pro Bios 2.8
400W Antec Smart Power
Athlon 1800 XP
640MB DDR Crucials 512/128
MSI Geforce FX5200 VTD128
Onboard Audio, LAN
2 Maxtor 60GB 6Y060L0
Asus 52x CD-ROM, 1.44 Floppy

Windows Server 2003


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