K7T266pro test results.....(Article version 2.0 Written by Bas)



K7T266pro test results.....(Article version 2.0)
Hi all,

(Revised 18 march 2002)

!!!Please don't reply to this message unless you are working for MSI.......use a new thread if you like.....!!!

I'm testing the K7T266pro for MSI, I'm NOT working for MSI, but they send me the board to test, this is what I have done so far......

The configuration:

K7T266pro-R BIOS 1.80 board revision 1.0 (Kunibert Full-blown RAID BIOS)
(BIOS can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.heppen.be/MSI)
Athlon XP-1600 FSB266 (also tested the 1200 and 1400)
Cooler Spire 5E34B3-H
Ram 2x256MB type HY5DU28822T-H (Hyundai)
Video Hercules Prophet 4500 (KyroII Chipset) (Also tested Matrox G400Max)
Harddisk Maxtor 13 gig 7200 RPM
CDwriter Plextor 12/10/32A Master sec IDE
Network Realtec 8139B LevelOne
Soundcard SBLive value in Slot3 (tested AC'97 as well)
Satellite card Technotrend SAT-DVB
Powersupply AOpen 250 Watt
Keyboard IBM original
Mouse USB Arowanna (MS PS/2 also tested)
Gamepad USB Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power

BIOS settings:
First load the Optimized settings, the performance settings are too unstable and will cause problems........
The 1T SDram setting is removed from this BIOS (disable it if it's still in your BIOS)
Ram settings are set to SPD
4 way interleaving set to enabled, disable it if you have only one memory stick.
USB port 1 is only enabled.
USB legacy and emulation are disabled.

Operating system:
Win2000 with FAT32

Installed patches in order:
4-in-1 driver 4.37
Directx 8.1
Matrox latest video drivers
SBLive LiveWire 3.0 drivers
ServicePack 2
(No filter drivers installed at all!!!)

This is the current configuration......problems none! And this strikes me, I would have thought to see much more problems, but there are really none......at this time.....

The problems that I have seen before this config:

I tried to use Win2k from the K7T Turbo board, that was working fine, on this new board....
This was where the problems started, from not installing the 4-in-1 drivers to bad SBLive to total system crash with no recovery possible......
You just can't transfer Win2k from one board to another, it just won't work....period....
You must format and do a clean install.....
Also you must make sure you have AMD and MSI tested DDRram......take a look at http://www.cmtlabs.com/ index.asp if you are not sure what to do.....
Also make sure your powersupply has plenty 3.3 and 5 Volt amp's, you could laugh at my 250 Watt AOpen, but it has plenty of this stuff!!!! More than most 300 Watt types.....
I bought a USB mouse to see if it's really board related, and it works more than a day now.....
I'm going to leave the system running for a few day's now to see if it's giving me any problems........
It's running at full load with a client from http://www.distributed.net/ at 53C, nice don't you think???

I will reply to my own thread if things change or going wrong..........

Written by Bas