?Kick the Game, Rock the World!? MSI Partners with eSports Team K1ck


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Mar 26, 2014
According to a recent survey by Price Water House Cooper (PwC), PC gaming is going to be bigger than ever. Thanks to the growing eSports trend, worldwide PC games sales are supposed to come to $29 billion by the end of 2016. Early in 2009, MSI started a sponsorship program and has now sponsored more than 10 professional eSports teams worldwide http://gaming.msi.com/about/gaming-teams

MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena) 2015 Global Grand Finals will be ready to launch in late August in the United States http://gaming.msi.com/mga
Furthermore, MSI is honored to announce a formal partnership with world famous eSports team K1ck, as our brand ambassador in Portugal. Founded in 1998, K1ck is a pioneer in Portugal eSports scene and the second oldest professional multigaming organization in Europe. It has the most skilled players in 5 different games (Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Starcraft II and FIFA). Recently crossing the 700 awards milestone, K1ck is definitely the most awarded Iberian eSports organization ever. Now let's find out more about K1ck in our exclusive interview!


Welcome K1ck to join the MSI family! Kindly introduce your League of Legends team lineup to our global users!
Hi, thanks for the warm welcome! K1ck Black League of Legends team is composed by the following members.

Alexandre ?Truklax? Nascimento​
Captain/ Top Laner, Age 21

Francisco ?XiCo? Cruz​
Mid Laner, Age 16

Ant?nio ?LeChase? Ramalho​
Jungler, Age 19

Pedro ?Kepe? Ferreira​
AD Carrier, Age 18

Ruben ?Rhuckz? Barbosa​
Support, Age 18

How does K1ck Black start up as a team, faced with any difficulties or challenges in the beginning?
The K1ck Black team was born in February the 1st with a slightly different lineup, as since then we have changed our mid laner. Most of the players have a long history of playing together and right from the beginning we started winning every local competition, but also doing some damage in the European scene.


Tell us something about K1ck Black team's achievements.
In 2015 this team has won 2 FNAC Legends tournaments that took place in the large French retail chain stores, plus a 2nd place in the Dreamhack Valencia event and a 5th in the eSports Festival that was played in Ghent. Online they have won some cups in ESL and Gfinity, plus being the first EUW team out of the Challenger Series qualifiers, for K1ck were ranked 7th, after being 1st for a while, when the Challenger EUW Server Summer Lockdown took place.

How do you like the experience to cooperate with MSI?
It is obviously a good experience as it?s a huge company that pays much attention and support to the eSports phenomenon.

MSI has a full range of gaming products, which is your favorite and would like to recommend to gamers?
Our favorite product from MSI has to be the laptops. Although we could have picked many more products such as the great graphic cards, the laptops are really outstanding, namely the MSI GT72 Dominator Pro with the Geforce GTX980M, delivering in great style all you need (and more) to play any kind of game. More information: http://www.msi.com/product/notebook/GT72-2QE-Dominator-Pro-G.html#hero-overview

Every detail on MSI gaming series products is not only designed by experienced R&D, but also tested by professional gamers. With the power of MSI gaming, these professional gamers have been achieving outstanding records in the worldwide stage.

As a professional eSports team, what is the meaning of GAMING to you?
Gaming is what we like to do, it?s a passion that we share across all the K1ck members, whether we are talking about players, staff or simply our closest supporters.

As a professional eSports team, what do you do to get ready for every upcoming big tournament?
We try to practice a lot before the event, study our possible opponents in order to build different strategies and then do some bootcamping, preferably on location, as we have done in Brussels for the eSports Festival and Valencia for the DreamHack Valencia.

Any opinion or expectation for Portugal eSports environment?
Portugal is a small country in Europe when compared to other countries that have made their mark in the eSports community, but nonetheless we have great players and quite dedicated fans that follow everything we do. Here at K1ck we try to gather the best local players in each game and then fight for international achievements and recognition, which we have been doing for a long time, step by step, achieving some success and conquering good awards. Everyone can see that eSports are exponentially growing all over the planet and Portugal is no exception.

Any suggestions for all the gamers that are intend to go pro?
Well, going pro is always the recognition of your skill and hard work but you have to remember that not everybody has the chance to get there, so having a plan B is quite important. But if you believe in yourself and have the skill to do it, hard work and a little bit of luck will get you anywhere.

What is K1ck Black team?s expectation and plan for 2016?
Our K1ck Black team will be on the lookout for good tournaments and if the opportunity comes, we will attend them with our minds set for the first place. After being runner-up at DreamHack Valencia, where we have beaten the team that won the event in the group stage, same as in the eSports Festival in Ghent, we won?t settle for less. However, our main goal is to get into the Challenger Series, after being the first EUW team left out of the qualifier in the last edition.

Finally, is there anything K1ck Black team would like to say?
We would like to thank you for this opportunity and extend our appreciation to all our sponsors and supporters, for we couldn?t do what we are doing without them.

K1ck Black team in eSports festival.

K1ck Black team in DreamHack Valencia 2015.

Hope you enjoy this interview! Let's wish all the best to K1ck Black team in the future! Please follow up with them for more news.