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https://easyupload.io/dc44fw here is it. Dragon center mode is Extreme performance which is the maximum. Also, I did not set the Fan automatic for the test, it was already open.
and try max fan speed // your stress "this determine cooling option"

but full NB usage is limited .,,.when trying AVX or similar load --all time on 4.5ghz up --95C-99C
,,.or any custom setup -- 90C max for full static performance :censored:

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https://easyupload.io/t27xgq The setting was set to "best For battery", now i set it to "Best For Mobility"
this determine only EC power limits
full level battery ,.,. 90-100./. recharge cycle -- full power "for you" more overheat

must try your actual setup // max fan speed "coolerboost"
or need CPU lock -- around normal temperatures

edit .,,.CPU profiles from DC
custom contains + FAN adjustment "but must try first full fan speed" if there is a possibility to set it better

or must limit CPU -- on your cooling options

edit .,,.and your stress ?? what testing ??

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Is this good?
this its OK + need fully battery level ,.,.,."90-100 cycle" --full available power
try your stress ,.,.but what testing ?? gaming or HEAVY stress ???
heavy on NB need custom profile .,,.MSI is absurd for this :censored:


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What is NB? I use a program called aida64. Also sent you one more test from email.
i checked your logs
inside is more EC limit "battery lock 60./. recharge" --half power for NB - NOTEBOOK

recharge battery fully -- full performance
but full performance for you -- more HEAT

aida -- normal stress "not heavy" but more cores in NB --need cutom setup
or NB - GAMING ,.,.your must trying games ,.,.this not use never :biggrin:

unnecessary worries ,.,about heat .,,.,. if you are editing a video or similar .,,.all this is problem
must set CPU better

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it only depends on the use
battery cycle - my recommend FULLY "90-100" --this full power/stability

heat in games must be OK - 90C "max 94C"
stress ?? on Notebooks is normal have overheat all time .,,.for your 8cores ?
my 4 cores -100W "your unlocked -200W" impossible use in full stress // NB cooling

the problem is that MSI profiles -- EASY gaming usage :biggrin:

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Okay then, I will fully charge my battery and run one more test. Also, what should I exactly do to prevent the limit?
on MSI .,,.low battery level or battery mode --half performance
NB is limited .,,.and OEM configuration is [***CENSORED***] "not optimized" for real full usage

it depends on how you use your laptop ,..,gaming OK ,.,.or any normal usage
,..full strees -- all time only overheat limit "or need custom setup" --advanced //negative OVERCLOCK

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TURBO or NOMINAL CPU -- 5ghz one core /4.5GHZ all core load
on full battery + AC all time

but usage is limited ,.,. there depends on the use " my recommendation is not to use CPU above 90C "

custom fan curve // or CPU LOCK .,.,any new "working" LIMIT for 100./. usage or where you will arrive 100C in second
but it depends on usage :-)


,.,.best reset statistic in HWINFO .,..,run LOG in your games or similar usage --check results
or all in SENSOR "this run in background" check all after gaming

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As the things that I understand is that: There is nothing I can do to solve this problem.
you don't have to deal with it if it's just for games

others is ADVANCED ,.,.and i using translation
or your have OC skill ?? :D

as I wrote - 100./. usage stress -- AIDA64 "impossible for you VS your normal usage !"
when use AVX apps or video-edit need OC .,,.custom profile for normal temperatures

check LOG or sensor in normal usage ,.,.need or no need better setup ??
,.,.and full battery --full power "less limit from EC fw "

translation is Ok ??,, .. it's hard to talk about it all :D

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Apr 11, 2021
This is only for Gaming and Normal Usage. In the future, I believe there can be Video/Photo Rendering but I don't think it will be a huge problem for me. Because I got this NB 4 days ago :D.
Still got more to learn haha.
By the way, thank you for your help and responsing very fast. :D