Less Processor Speed


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This is only for Gaming and Normal Usage. In the future, I believe there can be Video/Photo Rendering but I don't think it will be a huge problem for me. Because I got this NB 4 days ago :D.
Still got more to learn haha.
By the way, thank you for your help and responsing very fast. :D
try your normal usage / LOG or SENSOR in background
when get 100C --problem ,.,..,when not it does not matter

and stress testing "aida64 or XTU or heavy PRIME95 --this only kill NB"
but sometimes is good setup all under this stress ,.fully working machine all time // in all usage :D

it just depends on the use ,.,. unfortunately MSI forgot that not everyone has OC skill
.,,.most MSI run all time on 100C :rolleyes:

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By the way, can you share any information such as video, website about OC?
I don't know about anyone "easy video" ,.,. and I use my own expressions
teamviever / hints for bios setup

but another time :biggrin: ,.,.,.try basic -- DRAGON CENETER PROFILES // fan curve
easy ways for cpu/system control ,.,.,.BIOS is advanced "most option need special domains" or not works normally on MSI
and on MSI most OPTIONS not works same like ASUS normal bios :biggrin: