Lightning Returns: FF XIII 4K@60fps-GTX 1060 Gaming (non-X) & intel core i5 6500


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Jul 20, 2016
Hi !.

I am testing all the the games on my steam library that I were not able to run decently on my gaming latop.
This time I tested Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, And I am gonna show you the good performance I get with the gtx 1060 Gaming model.
I have played the two previous games on my PS3, and now I'm gonna play the last one on my new PC

I have been testing every game I can on the firs PC I have ever built, I posted some pictures of the MSI GPU on the unboxing forum.
Like I said I'm testing some games. The first game I tested was Rise of the tomb raider, if you are interested to know the performance I got with the msi gtx 1060.
please follow this link to thread I made, wich includes a youtube video of the benchmark, and of course, the results given.

I have also made a video of the performance I got playing the Battlefield 1 Beta, you can reed it here:

I made another topic about the performance I am getting while playing Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Online
, no that game it is not too god, but it is fun sometimes. you can read it here:

Also the performance on Dolphin Emulator while playing one of the best 3d platform games:
Super Mario Galaxy, you can see the video and results here:

Another game I tested was the Physx heavy game: Batman Arkham Origins, teh results and video I made can be watched from here:

And the last one I have tested was The Witcher 2 running at 1440p on my PC, you can check it here:

So here I am again, presenting you my full specs:
intel core i5 6500
nvidia gtx ms 1060 gaming (non- X Edition)
DDR4 2133 8 gb
HDD 7200 rpm Hitachi
MOBO is Gigabyte b150-hd3

* The game is running on the "Overclock" preset from the msi gaming app.

* The game is running at "max settings" (the game does not have many options, just some light, color, depth ,etc), at 4K, yes, I wasn't shure if this card could support some 4K gaming, but surprisingly it does (the game is kind of old and not the best good looking of the trilogy either)

* Since there is not a "benchmark mode", I played a little (the prologue/1st. chapter), made some cuts to the video, and uploaded to youtube.
The video is at 60 fps, and high quality, but keep in mind the youtube compressing.
also, keep in mind the 5% performance lost by using shadowplay.

I recorded a video with shadowplay and this is it:

As you can see on the video, There ARE some minor problems mantaining 60fps, playing at 4K. but it seems it's more likely an issue of the game, and not the GPU. since I played the exact same scene/part at 1080p and 1440p, and there were no frame dips, and even when I replayed the last scene of the video at 4K again, tehre were no dips either; so it's kind of weird.

But for this game, it doesn't seems to be a problem to play at 4k and max settings. at least on the first area of the game, and on combats.
I will have to make some more testing on later parts of the game (I've heard the open world zones are kind of demanding?)

Some extra notes:
* the game runs great at 4K on the first area, I may have to set down the resolution (at 1440p should be fine) if I find problems mantaining the 60fps on later zones.
* In the video, theres a frame rate drop to 40~ for some seconds, almost at the end of the video (the dragon part) and on other zone at the begining of the video (second cut)
* I tested at 1080p and 1440p, and I found that the game is locked at 60fps max.

* I hope FF XV is released on PC

If you have any question let me know