Login issues


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Mar 13, 2023
Hi all,

Yesterday on my laptop it tried to sign in and got the message after logging “Oops! Something’s wrong :C” when i try to login on my work i get the same message. Any idea what is going on ? Forum issue ? My cookies on the laptop are cleared but not on my iphone. That’s why i can post right now.
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I couldn't log in from any devices the past couple days. Seems to be fixed now.
Had an issue with the MSI Center application since purchase. The team registered my device internally via email and i can login via the website, but still cannot login with the MSI Center app. Everytime I login using the MSI Center App i get the message [Account or Password error]. Any suggestions?
MSI Application login_error.jpg
I have always just logged in with Google so not sure but if account and password match it should work
VPN=permanent IP ban, too much spam coming from those.
VPN=permanent IP ban, too much spam coming from those.
They can be for sure ...the Raider Laptop was preloaded with Norton360 suite for 60days. Completely overlooked it, however its uninstalled as of last night. turned off a lot of MS junk as well and setup local admin. I may add a partition and go back to an earlier OS that's less bubbly, but i don't think i will get the same performance. will have to do some research & testing.