Love My Laptop


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Mar 5, 2018
This is the greatest laptop I bought for gaming and I love it had one problem so far within a week with it but everything else is perfect the only problem was with the update for windows 10 at the launch screen for setup. I really enjoy using my laptop and all the qualities since this laptop is perfect for what I use it for as well also for gaming and school work and some other features but my favorite of all of them which is the light up keyboard.


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Apr 19, 2019
Totally love mine. I have had it for almost a week. I love it. I can honestly compare this to the Razer (I returned it), the MacBook Pro (Would love to be able to get rid of it and most likely will), and the Wacom MobileStudio Pro. 
After buying my G73 Stealth RF, I can safely say, I don't need that crap. I just need my G73, and one drawing table that is NOT that Wacom. Maybe the iPad pro for Procreate, but that's about it. I LOVE this laptop. 
I ultimately regret buying the Wacom and the MacBook Pro. But, this baby!! Never giving it up. LOVE it. 
WHAT was up with that Razer keyboard anyway? Who memorizes the special characters? I ask because the backlit keyboard letters and basic numbers are illuminated, but not the functions or special keys! Who does that? This display!!!!! Droolzzz. 
So, I decided to run the same script that I ran on my MBP for RStudio and the MSi didn't skip a beat. I mean it was done almost as soon as I was typing. I started to play Some Elder Scrolls. And the MSi was totally with it. I went back for Nostalgia's sake and played some Hacknet. MBP still chokes on it.
 NOT the MSi.
 I stopped goofing off again and went back to work, this time adding nonstop stupid huge background pics to annoy the people that insisted on having a Visio diagram for a procedure that needs to be done almost everyday and the MSi was all, 
"Well, sure if you need to get this outta the way..."
And then it was ready to play.
I messed up and re-copied a table that had 5 years worth of Hi-res data. Instead of looking at me like the idiot I am, the MSi just did it, and then asked if I still wanted to update the SteelSeries. It did that all without complaining and even let me so something stupid like re-paste the same damn table into read.csv because I'm too sleepy to remember I already did it. 

Love this laptop.

 I actually found myself internet searching "I love my laptop msi". Haven't felt this way about a laptop since my custom Lenovo Thinkpad from 2006. 
 The color display is about the only thing I could give credit to the Wacom for and the MSi has that. And it's STILL easier to carry.

 Anyway, if MSi and Microsoft got together and made a mobile phone, I'd be so darn happy. That's all I need really. Don't even know how Android can still be called open source with Google up its hoohah.
 Anyway, back to the laptop - it is soo fast that I think I've finally seen what happens when a computer knows exactly what I want, knows I'm not working efficiently, does it anyway, and then plays. 

When I am working efficiently it's even quieter. Those rare moments only happen when people stop interrupting me and let me do what's actually in my job description. Anyway, for some reason I wanted to run a script to resize my photos before I threw them out in case I wanted to make a digital quilt to remind me of all the stupid sports equipment I bought for one trip at a time (only to never do it again).
 But then I wanted to watch the rest of my RStudio lessons in the most awkward thing that is
 Well, it did that too. Also forgot to unmute my music, then did so. Next thing I knew Boston was playing and I was suddenly punch drunk on lack of sleep and post jetlag. 

I tuned the keyboard to this - I dunno - twinkly thing that reminds me of my days with Litebrite. It soothed me to sleep and when I woke up, I destroyed Ghandi in Civ V because he's a warmongering d-bag. Then I brewed some coffee, caught up on my astronomy news, and closed the lid. 
I meditated, drove to work, was forced to work on the stupid MBP for 12 hours. I rushed home, and simply typed my feelings out on this keyboard on the MSi. Played a little Guild Wars 2 and went to sleep for a while. Love this thing. Had to leave it while hiking. But, obviously I needed to regain some focus. 
There is so much more, but, this is the only thing I've purchased in awhile that had no twinges of guilt or regret attached. Not even the unused pop-a-point pencils that I rarely use to doodle 2 dimensional adidas with.