Low Audio Speakers


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Jun 28, 2017
I've read other post regarding this issue and none of it seems to help me.

This issue happened after doing a format in my laptop

Volume is set to 100, when playing anything with an audio the sound feels like its set to 60.
When i change the sample rate/bitrate of my playback device or in Nahimic to 16 bit 48hz from 24bit 48hz the volume sound like its working in its normal state again. 

So i opened a tab in google chrome and tried to play a youtube video apparently it went back to the problem of the volume being weak and i tried changing the bitrate to 24 again then the volume went back to sounding how it should be at 100. So basically every time i open a tab to play something with audio at 100 i have to keep changing my bitrate to 16 or 24. Btw the volume is alright when i use headphones, the only problem is the INTERNAL SPEAKERS :(

After trying some things to fix it i noticed that when my Nahimic is off and im not using any of the audio profiles the volume is all good but it wasnt like that before i had to format my laptop. I have tried the LOUDNESS EQUALIZATION and it doesnt sound really great when im playing music but when its in Netflix the volume is good.

Is there a way to fix the issue regarding my low volume without having to turn off Nahimic?
I feel like the settings of my Nahimic just changed even if its in its default