Mafia III with 980ti


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Oct 9, 2016
Hello everyone,
This guide explains what settings you should run Mafia III on to achieve 60FPS with an Armor 2x 980ti.
Graphical issues not related to GPU or settings:
- Weird shadows moving around on screen quickly
- Screen turning dark then bright again suddenly
- Sometimes blurring screen randomly

Any issues described above are not an issue with your  GPU or settings, it's an issue with the game and it's engine. They should hopefully be fixed soon by the developers of the game.
Currently the developers have not addressed these issues however a patch was released yesterday to allow for users to unlock their FPS from 30 and thus is the reason why I have posted this guide on the forums. 
Please also keep in mind that you will most likely have a different CPU than me and the game does use the CPU a lot which means that this can also affect how well your game performs. I use an i7 4770 when writing this guide an testing.

Depth of Field: OPTIONAL
Field of View: 90
Global Quality Preset: Custom
Fullscreen: ON
Vsync: Off
Ambient Occlusion: HJigh
Motion blur: Off
Geometry Detail: High
Shadow Quality: High
Reflection quality: High
Volumetric effects: HIgh
Antialiasing: Low

These settings will achieve around 60FPS in most areas, there are a few times where you will dip below 60 but the game isn't optimized well so there isn't much you can do about it sadly.
These settings are based around a resolution of 1080p however you can scale them down a little to try to run the game at 1440p, I would not recommend this without a better GPU though.
You can also achieve a slightly higher performance by overclocking your card, I would recommend using the MSI Afterburner tool for this, please keep in mind that overclocking can damage your GPU or decrease it's lifespan and is not recommended. You and only you are liable for any damages your GPU or PC may incur from doing this.

My overclock suggestions for Armor 2x users:
Power Limit: 110%
Core Clock: +120
Memory Clock: +300

Please keep in mind that depending on your GPU the overclockability will always be different however MSI GPUs seem to overclock pretty well.