Mag Meta 5. Update motherboard bios for Ryzen 5000

Aug 19, 2021
Hi all,
I have a MSI Mag Meta 5. This unit has a Ryzen 7 3700X with a MSI B450m Pro VDH Max.
I'd like to swap the 3700X for a 5800X, but I don't know which bios to choose.

My current bios version is EB930AMS.810, released on 1/06/2020.
I looked at the different bios versions at the webpage of my motherboard, but my current version is not there. The naming scheme is also very different
Then I looked at the webpage of my prebuilt, and there is a bios as well. Version 880, this looks more like the one I have (I assume I have version 810?).

Now, what is the differnece between the bios specifically for the Mag Meta 5 prebuilt, and the bios for the B450M Pro VDH Max motherboard?
Which one should I use to run Ryzen 5000?

Also, I think the windows key is tied to the motherboard. Will I lose access to this if I flash a 'normal' bios for this mobo instead of the one specifically for the prebuilt? Wouldn't this change the 'identity' of my motherboard?

Thanks in advance!