MAG274QRX SRGB Mode and Calibration

Jun 3, 2023
I'll start by saying I'm really satisfied with this monitor, the 240Hz refresh rate is insane, the size + resolution is perfect and the KVM switch works flawlessly (a feature I didn't know it had but has made switching between my personal and work computers effortless).

One of the reasons I picked this monitor over a similar one from Gigabyte was because I'd read the MAG274QRX had a better sRGB clamp that was reasonably calibrated out of the box. However, given I own a colorimeter, I wanted to apply the clamp and then calibrate within that clamp. My secondary monitor only covers sRGB and is very well-calibrated, so I wanted consistency between my two monitors.

After entering sRGB mode (Professional > Pro Mode > sRGB), I navigated to adjust the individual R, G and B values (Image > Color Temperature > Customization) before building a colour profile with the colorimeter. However, once the colour temperature is set to anything other than "Normal", it appears the sRGB clamp is lost and the monitor returns to its wider colour space (with R, G and B adjustments occurring within the wider colour space).

This is quite disappointing as my secondary monitor allows all manner of adjustments within its sRGB mode and produces very accurate colours, something I would ideally like to achieve with the MAG274QRX as well.

So, I suppose my question is, has anyone else encountered this sort of problem with their MSI monitor, is there a way to achieve what I'm seeking, and has anyone heard from MSI as to whether they will fix this in an upcoming firmware patch? Thanks.


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Nov 21, 2019
For two monitor, please modify to sRGB mode on one and modify to "User mode" and modify "R/G/B" value on Customization sheet under Color Temperature menu on another till color is close.