MEG CoreLiquid s360 — what are these 'hidden' connectors for?


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Aug 17, 2022
While installing a MEG CoreLiquid s360 onto an ASUS MOBO, I noticed a 5-pin socket, an 8-pin socket, and two 2-pin connectors, all located directly beneath the IPS display — you can only see them after removing the pump cover:

No cables were provided for them, and the installation guide doesn't mention them. I couldn't find any reference to them on the MSi website.

What are they, and can/should I be making use of them?

At first, I thought that the 8-pin socket might connect to the "WB_SENSOR" header on the MOBO (even though this isn't a 'water block', 'water' is involved), but the header is looking for a 9-pin cable, and both end pins look fairly critical [see below], so I no longer think that that's the answer . . . . .

ASUS MOBO - water block headers.jpg

The MOBO has several 2-pin headers that are meant to receive the 2-pin thermistor cables that came with the MOBO . . .

. . . and it also has 2-pin "W_IN" and "W_OUT" headers, with which one can "monitor the temperature . . . of your liquid cooling system" [see above].

Can the Coreliquid s360s two 'hidden' 2-pin pairs be used in conjunction with either the above two 'Liquid Cooling System Headers' or the 2-pin thermistor cables?

I have no idea about the s360's 5-pin socket...............?????

Are these all proprietary connectors, meant solely for use on MSi boards, or can they be put to good use on others' boards as well?

Any advice/pointers/etc. would be greatly appreciated!!

— Alan


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Nov 20, 2012
They were hidden for a reason under the pump cover. Most likely it is for testing and programming purposes at the factory.

I wouldn't worry about it. If it's not in the documentation, then it most likely isn't meant to be used by the consumer.