MEG Z590 UNIFY - Wi-Fi stops working randomly


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Oct 30, 2022
I recently (July 2022) bought a MEG Z590 UNIFY motherboard, with an intel core i7 11700K cpu.
At first, the Wi-Fi was working without interruption on my Windows 10 OS, at least, I did not notice any problem. Once I updated to Windows 11, Wi-Fi problems started. It was randomly disappearing from Windows devices manager (of course, no more connection) sometimes it works for 30 minutes before stopping, sometimes 5 minutes. It only reappears when I restart the PC or when I go on standby mode and return again.
I reverted to Windows 10, the problem remained.
On the Windows event viewer, I have many errors due to the source Netwtw10 with the ID 5010.
I have a Wi-Fi device from my old PC, I installed it and deactivated the motherboard integrated Intel Wi-Fi, same problem.
Then to be sure that the problem comes from software (OS or drivers), I installed a Linux distribution and I noticed the same problem with both Wi-Fi devices (old and integrated), so I thought it came from hardware.
At the end, I remembered that there is something else that I can do before using my warranty, the BIOS update.
When I did it, 3 days ago, the problem seems to be solved, no more interruptions with the integrated Wi-Fi.
I hope this will help.
I will post here if I notice any problem.