Metal gear solid: phantom pain on the 750 GTX


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Oct 11, 2015
Hi all!

Here a another short review of my 750GTX running Metal gear solid the phantom pain along with my Amd FX4100 with DDR3 on 1333Mhz.
This game runs between 140 and 220 Fps easily with this graphics card on just high without v-sync
Tempature stays between 40-50 degrees celcius and theres no artifacts found what so ever.
What suprised me is how smooth the game runs with this card, cause the specs of konami says it should only be possible on low settings!
I played this game for a couple of days now (think around 20+ hours)
I Put on Shadowplay and currently records at 1080p at 60fps without any loss of fps thnx to the H264 codec.
I love this feature and also intergrated it into my obs for streaming wich gives me a signifacant boost and let me stream gameplay at 720p on 30fps without any lag!
With the reward program i hope to collect untill the 960 cause i aint leaving msi for its good quality and efficientcy of there range of products.
Overclocking with afterburner wasn't of no use to play MGS PP in so i left it for what is was.
With more then 20 hours the only bug i found was the save game bug wich was konamis own fault and offcourse the framedrops when i put volumetric clouds on but that was my bad hahaha!

I am streaming now every other day and the codec let me stream fluently with OBS i tried 720p at 60fps but i think twitch could not handle that correctly for a beginner streamer wich was sad but overall it runs smoothly on 30fps with some buffering sometimes tanks to Twitch itself.
Since it's bitrate is up to 3500 max and my pipeline is 12mb upload i was hoping to stream either full hd or 720p at 60 fps but maybe in the near future Twitch will support it for me.
So please come by my stream sometimes and i can post a link here since it's not the intention of the review.
My intention is to post more reviews about my awesome card wich suprises me from time to time with its abilities.
Make sure you do not turn volumetric clouds on for the rest everything can be put on high except for texture cause of the limited availability of 1 gb

Hope u guys enjoyed my second review and i must say to all:

Buy the card!

Hope u like it.

Greetings Jeffrey


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Nov 10, 2015
[font=Calibri" "sans-serif]I[/font][font=Calibri" "sans-serif] have experienced this too want to know what it feels like[/font]