[MOD] Mystic Light Dynamic Led Adjustment


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Jan 7, 2016
Hi all,

First of all, if forum moderators think this post is not posted in the right place, please, do what you best think about it. For example, moving it to the right subforum.

This post is mainly focused on those users who don't have a motherboard (or graphic card) fully capable of what the MSI Mystic Light app can offer to it.
I have only included two demos: Demo_1, shows how to switch between all available stock colors; Demo_2, shows how led brightness can be customized by just editing RGB values. But you have now a starting point with which to start working on something more complex.

Some ideas that could be applied using scripts, with the help of the Task Scheduler from Windows and some of imagination:
- As CPU temps are stablished by default as: 0 to 40 ?C (Green), 40 to 60 ?C (Blue), > 60 ?C (Red), customized temps could be set.
- Periodic color switch by intervals (example: every 30 mins change color).
- Switch on and off leds at specific times.
- Maybe much more...?

As described before, I have only included two demo variants, but taking a look at how values are changed in the registry when using the software, you can learn how it works. So, you will be able to know how to manage and customize other modes (breathing, music, single/double flashing, etc), and some more things.



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