Modification of an X470 Gaming Plus (non-Max) to update with Max bios


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Jun 26, 2020
I am starting this thread to document an experimental project that is a continuation of this thread which was locked due to age.

The concept is that the Max update was released to make a board that has a 32MB spi flash chip that has room for previous gen as well as current gen Ryzen processor support. The understanding is that the only difference with the update is an updated paint job and double the flash memory capacity. If this is the case, by installing a supported chip, a non-Max board should be able to run Max software. This would require some custom solder work because while the 16MB chip is in a SOIC-8 package, the 32MB chip does not come in this physical package so an adaptation would have to be made.

It has been brought to my attention by a user named Stilt from the forum who has experience with custom bios modifications that MSI will sometimes make address changes, intentional or not, that make a bios incompatible, even when hardware is identical.

Its impossible to say if the two boards are similar enough for the bios to be cross compatible.
Based on past experience I know that certain MSI boards, despite looking identical infact are not.

For example, on B350I PRO AC motherboard, which outside the chipset variant is identical with B450I PRO GAMING there are changes which prevent the bios from another variant working on the other.
Apparently MSI changed the SMBUS addresses of certain voltage regulators, so that when the board is used with an incorrect bios, it simply won't work because the voltages are not properly configured.
I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, since it could easily be a coincidence as well.
At this point, I have an X470 Gaming Plus board on order as well as the appropriate ICs to test flashing different bios versions. This is more of an exercise of curiosity to know if it is possible. As was brought out in the original post though, if this were possible, a built in header on the board could make a plug and play mod a possibly for others that do not have the ability to do it themselves. I am new to the forums here but not new to hardware repair and modifications. I apologize if this is not an appropriate topic for this forum.

I am just continuing a previous, valid topic that was locked due to its age. If anyone is interested in this topic or contributing to it, feel free to add.


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Nov 20, 2012
I'll make it very quick for you.....

X470 Gaming Plus = PCB Version 2.1
X470 Gaming Plus Max = PCB Version 3.1 

I would not expect them to be the same, and I am about 90% certain that you won't be able to use the BIOS from the MAX version on the non-MAX version as there will be different addresses involved.

All this knowledge is you can get it right off the PCB.

Looking through the info I have access to, that isn't public, I would get the same feeling, as there are differences noted with updates in the BIOS as well.