Montitor goes to sleep and will not wake up

Dec 11, 2020
I have the MSI Optic MPG341CQR and have it connected to two Windows 10 computers via DP and USB-C ports that I alternate between depending on if I'm working or doing personal activities.

The issue is that often when I walk away from the computer, the Monitor goes to sleep (the power light changes from white to amber) and it cannot be woken up.

When it gets into this state:
  • - no mouse or keyboard input on either computer will cause the monitor state to change.
  • - the directional toggle button on the rear of the monitor is not functional. The onscreen display menu never appears. I cannot switch the input selection from DP to USB-C or vice versa.
  • - The monitor power button is not functional. I cannot turn the monitor off.
The last issue is the most concerning.

The only workaround I know is to disconnect the power cord and plug it back in. I shouldn't have to do it at all but I'm also concerned that doing this over and over is going to degrade the connection port.

Anyone else have this issue? I've filed a ticket on it, but thought I'd try the forum as well.


Nov 21, 2019
Please press navi key at back and then provide "FWxxx" on OSD menu.